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Trophy Developers Uganda

Brief from client 

Trophy Developers Uganda is a team of Quick Professional Website Designers and Mobile Applications Developers based in Uganda.
Trophy Developers Uganda is driven by innovation, continuous improvisation and a company with highly motivated professionals with adept capabilities to provide solutions for your Business.

At Trophy Developers being experts in web design and development we ready to capitalize on opportunity and captivate real, live, human readers, an optimized, functional, interactive website. No matter the industry of your business. contact us our main aim is to bring your business to life with our marketing skills hacks

It has two letters TD for Trophy Developers,0,1 since computers data is processed or converted always to 0 or 1 and a cursor.


Shawali's picture
1311 pencils

Where to begin... I'll be blunt: nothing works in this logo.

Right off the bat, there are way too many elements fighting for attention: the blue circle, that triangular shape, the power on icon, the arrow... It's a mess.

The symbol totally overpowers the wordmark, which is stuck between the triangle and the circle with no room to breath. Also I don't see why "trophy" is slightly bigger than "Developpers" and offset. At small size the word mark and the subtext will be totally unreadable.

Globally, this logo looks very randomly made. There's no real ideo or strong concept behind it. Basically, it shows that you like to doodle on your design software, not that you know how to properly design a logo.

Here are a few pointers that I hope should help you create a much more professional logo.

1: RESEARCH: before anything else, you got to know your business inside and out. Look at the competition. Study their brand identity, identify the trends, their values, etc.

2: INSPIRATION: fuel your engine. Look at as many logos as you can. Sites like www.fromupnorth and are a good place to start. Getting a Pinterest account is also a must.

3: SKETCHING: the most important part of the process. Turn off your computer, grabe a few hundred pieces of paper, pens and pencils and doodle away. This the most organic way to come up with potent idea. It's a direct line from your brain to the tip of your pen. Don't hesitate to spend hours upon hours doing this. Not only will cool ideas come out, but you will also increase your conceptual and design skills at the same time.

Lastly when it comes to logos, simplicity is king. The problem with your logo is that it is too complicated with too many elements and no strong idea. Scrap all the superfluous bits and pieces until you're left with the bare minimum. And do not confuse simplicity with simplistic nor complexity with complicated. A logo can be simple or complex, but it should not be simplistic or complicated.

I hope this help.

Good luck!

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