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White Brad

Brief from client 

This is an initial sketch for a personal logo. I'm a graphic designer trying to rebrand myself, and I'm looking for a more unique solution than your typical monogram logo. I've run into a couple problems in the past with trying to develop a monogram logo for myself:
1. Most designers use a monogram to represent themselves, so it's become a bit of a cliche.
2. My initials (and even my name itself) are very common. There are many graphic designers out there that have the same initials I do, and I've even found a designer that has the exact first and last name as me. I don't want my work and identity to be confused with theirs. I need to stand out and have my own voice.

The direction I decided to take is something a little goofy that I hope will stand out. The whole idea stemmed from a nickname some of my friends call me: "White Brad." But when they say "Brad," they say it in a funny way to make it sound like "bread," so I figured I'd play around with that pun in a graphical way. As I stated in the brief, this is just an initial sketch. I'd like to see what people think of this concept, then I'll develop it more and add my nickname/alias to it.
Is this a fun and awesome idea? Or is it very very bad, and I should start over? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks!


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From a pure idea standpoint, I don't really get it. It looks like something that would be more effective as an inside joke. And in a professional setting, it doesn't seem that appropriate.

From a concept standpoint, a minimalistic face is a bit overdone. The representation isn't that unique; it could look like anyone with a goatee and glasses.

That's just my take on it. I'd reccommend more sketching and brianstorming. Try to find something that can personify you better.

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If you wish to see how original this idea is, look at the logo directly after yours on the main page. :)

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Personally, I think the whole "beard + black rimmed glasses" is really cliche!

It's basically one coffee mug and a cross body bag away from being every hipster illustration everrrrrrr made.

You clearly have a unique and brave approach to design... I think you can do better!!!

WhiteBrad's picture

Thanks for the comments everybody. I'll be going back to the drawing board.

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it looks like a crossover between heinsenberg and a slice of bread :P

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I am the one who toasts!