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  • Logo of Stredoslovenská distribučná Stredoslovenská distribučná
  • Logo of CSA Samoty CSA Samoty
  • Logo of New Design CID New Design CID
  • Logo of Tipsport Tipsport
  • Logo of FK Pohronie Ziar nad Hronom FK Pohronie Ziar nad Hronom
  • Logo of Záchranná zdravotná služba Záchranná zdravotná služba
  • Logo of Hockey Slovakia Hockey Slovakia
  • Logo of TJ Tatran Oravské Veselé TJ Tatran Oravské Veselé
  • Logo of MFK Rusovce MFK Rusovce
  • Logo of HK DUKLA Trencin HK DUKLA Trencin
  • Logo of ŠK 1923 Gabčíkovo ŠK 1923 Gabčíkovo
  • Logo of TJ Sklotatran Poltár TJ Sklotatran Poltár
  • Logo of OFK Dynamo Malženice OFK Dynamo Malženice
  • Logo of MŠK Považská Bystrica MŠK Považská Bystrica
  • Logo of FK Košice FK Košice
  • Logo of FK Humenné FK Humenné
  • Logo of Fit Plus Fit Plus
  • Logo of Raid and Defense Academy Raid and Defense Academy
  • Logo of MFK Slovan Giraltovce MFK Slovan Giraltovce
  • Logo of FK Dubnica nad Váhom FK Dubnica nad Váhom
  • Logo of ŠTK Fluminense Šamorín ŠTK Fluminense Šamorín
  • Logo of TJ Iskra Borčice TJ Iskra Borčice
  • Logo of MŠK Rimavska Sobota MŠK Rimavska Sobota
  • Logo of OŠFK Šarišské Michaľany OŠFK Šarišské Michaľany
  • Logo of MFK Rožňava MFK Rožňava
  • Logo of FK Pokrok SEZ Krompachy FK Pokrok SEZ Krompachy
  • Logo of HBK Zochari Topolcany HBK Zochari Topolcany
  • Logo of FK Zeleziarne Podbrezova FK Zeleziarne Podbrezova
  • Logo of PAL PAL
  • Logo of Enjoy Club Zilina Enjoy Club Zilina
  • Logo of OFC Russel Gabčíkovo OFC Russel Gabčíkovo