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  • Logo of Fronius Fronius
  • Logo of
  • Logo of LASK Linz (1950's logo) LASK Linz (1950's logo)
  • Logo of Schwarz-Weiss Bregenz (1950's logo) Schwarz-Weiss Bregenz (1950's logo)
  • Logo of Austria Lustenau Austria Lustenau
  • Logo of Korkmax Korkmax
  • Logo of SK Sturm Graz (1950's logo) SK Sturm Graz (1950's logo)
  • Logo of Grazer AK Graz (1960's logo) Grazer AK Graz (1960's logo)
  • Logo of Grazer AK Graz (1950's logo) Grazer AK Graz (1950's logo)
  • Logo of ESV Austria Graz (1950's logo) ESV Austria Graz (1950's logo)
  • Logo of FC Stadlau Wien (1950's logo) FC Stadlau Wien (1950's logo)
  • Logo of WAC Wien (1950's logo) WAC Wien (1950's logo)
  • Logo of WSG Tirol Wattens WSG Tirol Wattens
  • Logo of SV Donawitz Leoben (1950's logo) SV Donawitz Leoben (1950's logo)
  • Logo of FC Wien (1950's logo) FC Wien (1950's logo)
  • Logo of OMV Olympia Vienna (1950's logo) OMV Olympia Vienna (1950's logo)
  • Logo of Wiener Sportclub Vienna (1950's logo) Wiener Sportclub Vienna (1950's logo)
  • Logo of Kremser SC (1950's logo) Kremser SC (1950's logo)
  • Logo of SPG Mötz- Silz SPG Mötz- Silz
  • Logo of SC Fussach SC Fussach
  • Logo of Ilzer SV Ilzer SV
  • Logo of USV Mettersdorf. USV Mettersdorf.
  • Logo of TuS Teschl Heiligenkreuz am Wassen. TuS Teschl Heiligenkreuz am Wassen.
  • Logo of Union Mondsee Union Mondsee
  • Logo of Tondach Tondach
  • Logo of Landesmuseum Burgenland Landesmuseum Burgenland
  • Logo of Friedensburg Schlaining Friedensburg Schlaining
  • Logo of SAK Salzburg (60's logo) SAK Salzburg (60's logo)
  • Logo of Infina Infina
  • Logo of BauertothePeople BauertothePeople
  • Logo of OnlineCasinosAT OnlineCasinosAT
  • Logo of FC Pinzgau Saalfelden FC Pinzgau Saalfelden